This boring back yard turns into Pool Party Central

The average cost to build a swimming pool is between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000. Ouch! I think my bank account fainted. I lived in the south, where temperatures stayed at 100 ° F for weeks. Pools were a welcome retreat and a fun way to spend time with friends.

A man decided he was tired of his bare back yard. He wanted a pool, but didn't want to dig up a lot of money for it. He decided to dig his own little pond. No crazy skills were required either. Only material and ingenuity. See how he did it and you will find that you can also build your own pool. This project is really inspiring!

This dead and boring back yard is about to be renovated.


Digging by hand will take far too long.

man-digs-in backyard

Time to get the excavator out.

Escavator-Digs-in Backyard

Next is the plumbing and connection to filters in the garage.

Conduit placed in the back yard

Here's a look at the multi-stage DIY filter system.

Filter system for pool

Now it's time to cover the hole with soft felt.

Felt hole in the back yard

And here is the plastic that lies on top and prevents leaks.

Film-on-felt in-hole in the backyard

Embellish the pool with beautiful natural stones.


Let's not forget the headlights.

spotlights-around pool

Pool looks good … but something is missing.

Finish pool

What is a pool without a deck?

build-a-deck-around pool

The deck also needs garden furniture.

Patio furniture on deck

Let's extend the deck around the pool while we're there.

Finished back yard

It is finished! Welcome to the pool party headquarters …

deck-around pool

(Source SlipTalk)