How to warm your home with bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

Did you know you can get a huge roll of bubble wrap for $ 20? OK. But why is this information important to you? because Bubble Wrap is great. It is best suited for moving, wrapping gifts and reducing stress. It is also ideal for insulating windows in the cold winter months.

Bubble wrap is durable, easy to remove and absolutely safe for your windows. The only downside to this hack, which saves heat and energy, is that you can't see out of your windows for a while. But I think it will be worth it. This can also be used to keep the heat away. Makes sense! So whether you're hiding from the heat or cold, think of bubble wrap!

Compare My Move has 10 fun things you can do with bubble wrap. I know that I will soon no longer make a dress. You? But I would make the calendar safe! Love it! Here you will find all 10 ideas Here,

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