Fun DIY wall art with crayons and a hot glue gun

colored pencils

Do you have a glue gun? Most likely. Most of us do it. And colored pencils? Yes, everyone with children has this and many people without it too. I have boxes and boxes! This craft featured at Little Things uses these two things and a blank canvas to do something pretty.

This is a simple DIY. Grab your favorite color and put it in the glue gun. Drop it on the canvas and you've got it. Beautiful art. A bit modern but nice. (See then you need a new glue gun. Good thing they're affordable.)

Hands on as we grow has a list of 35 crafts you can do with colored pencils. Hooray! I like the picture frame! Enchanting. I also like the stained glass sheets. Nice and I'm sure the kids will love it.

Here is the video … Have fun!

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