An amazing, 3-story, tiny house that will confuse your thoughts

Welcome to Bird House – a cottage in Asheville, North Carolina – but not just any ordinary cottage! This three-story cottage is surprisingly small, but full of charm and functionality. It is actually a holiday home (ask at Airbnb). This tiny haven has three levels of living and there is no shortage of necessities.

As soon as you enter the front door, you are on the second floor. A black spiral staircase leads you downstairs to the kitchen, while a beautiful wooden staircase leads you upstairs to the bedroom. The second level has a living area and a bathroom with a shower.

Check out the photos below – you will be surprised by the beauty and design of this charming hotel tiny house!

A look at the neighborhood:


The front of the hut:


A look into the back yard:


Here's a closer look at the patio table:


View of the back yard from the living room:

Garden view

Terrace chair on the rear deck:

terrace chair

View from the aft deck into the living room:


View from the stairwell to the living room:


Living room chairs up close:

Living room chairs

View of the wooden stairs to the bedroom:


Bathroom opposite the living area:


bathroom vanity:

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom shower area:


Go up the stairs to the bedroom:


First look into the bedroom:


View from the end of the bed:

Bedroom View

Bedroom closet area:

Bedroom closet

Beautiful spiral staircase that leads down to the kitchen:

spiral staircase

View of the kitchen from the stairs:


dining area:

dining table