A 96-year-old woman decides to sell her house, and the interior is a perfect time capsule

From the outside, this charming house looks just like everyone else:

Photos – HGTV / LittleThings

This home has been lovingly owned for over 72 years and is inhabited by a 96 year old woman from Toronto. If you look through the photos below, you won’t believe your eyes! As soon as you walk into this seemingly piercing house, you will quickly find that there is nothing unusual in this place.

It has been completely refurbished from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling in the style of the 1950s and 1960s!

Carefully thought-out furniture, well-chosen colors and a charisma that only one, caring and loving person can create, have given birth to this house.

You’ll see if you keep looking that home decor All in the home owner’s favorite colors like aqua, purple and pink.

There is nothing dramatic about this photo, but what is behind this closed door?


Even from behind it doesn’t seem to be anything unique:

Now get ready when you enter the house and go back to the 1950s:

front door

How about this beautiful sea foam carpet and tasteful dining furniture?

dining room

We love these 1950s style chairs:

The living room is like a walk into a queen’s house:

living room

The beautiful sea foam color is used consistently throughout the house:

The oversized mirror above the fireplace is a wonderful touch:

Beautiful lights and floors make this a kitchen you can dream of:


She even has a pink phone!

The breakfast corner is perfect with the wrought iron table and the floral wallpaper:

kitchen table

No space is ignored, as shown here on the second floor:

The master bedroom is beautifully decorated in purple:

Purple bedroom

See how the bright teal in this room only radiates color:


Another bedroom, comfortably decorated in purple:


This completely pink bedroom belongs to the homeowner’s daughter:

pink bedroom

Even the bathroom has the pink theme:


When you enter the basement you will see a fantastic entertainment area:

Bottom bar

Here is a great photo of the nice corner bar and the stools:

The large fireplace looks well used and is reminiscent of family reunions!

The bathroom on the ground floor is flawlessly decorated in beige and peach tones:

Basement Bathroom

Not only is this a fully equipped laundry room, it’s also a refrigerator and microwave:

basement laundry

The garden in winter with its charming pastel green shed:

summer house

The back yard even has a cute garden:


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